Survivor BG

11.12.2006 | comments

Survivor BG is the first season of the Bulgarian version of the American reality show Survivor. The idea of ​​the Survivor format belongs to producer Mark Burnett. bTV produced Survivor jointly with the licensor – the British company Castaway, and the technical part was carried out in collaboration with a Promofilm team.

The first season was aired in September 2006. Survivor BG was filmed on a desert island in the Caribbean in an area off the Dominican Republic’s beach zone in the summer of 2006 by an international Bulgarian-Argentine team.

Sixteen Bulgarians (8 women and 8 men) participated in the competition. The tropical climate tested the contestants’ skills. They had to make their own island society, build shelter against rainstorms to get food, rely on the kindness of the island and their own skills to hunt, participate in contests and win prizes and immunity. Those who managed to cope with the challenges were rewarded with items that made life on the island more bearable.

The eliminated players were determined by a vote of the Tribal Council. At a later stage the two tribes were merged and the game became solo. The contestants voted out after the merge, however, remained as a jury, which ultimately determined the winner in the competition.

The first winner of Survivor BG was Nelly Ivanova. This took place during the live broadcast on bTV in which Nelly received a cash prize of a quarter million leva.