People’s Artist

23.12.2006 | comments

People’s Artist is a competition that took place within “Slavi’s Show” where actors performed different tasks in a race for a spot in the cast of the show.
Ten finalists showed their skills in 8 challenges including: a sketch, an imitation of a popular personality, a serious monologue and a One Man Show. The contestants faced the challenge to recreate an image of the opposite sex. In another task they partnered with experienced colleagues.
On December 23, 2006 Nikolay Stanoev won the People’s Artist in “Slavi’s Show”. The other three finalists who had reached the final stage received special awards. Yana Atanasova went to Paris to Comédie-Française’s play The Mentor by Pierre Corneille. Svetlana and Christo Bonin’s family travelled to Albion where they saw the play Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.