Singing Families

24.7.2014 | comments

The Pishtolskis won the Singing Families Project

The competition in the Singing Families Project has been going on for more than three months now, where 30 families appeared in the first stage. 19 families continued who faced their first task “Love is stronger than everything”. There they had to perform love songs. 15 families reached the third stage where their task was to sing a Bulgarian popular song. Later, 13 families made it to the semifinal and they had the task to perform a Ku-Ku Band song. In this stage, three families dropped out of the competition, so 10 families made their way to the final where they performed a song of their choice for three days in a row (22, 23 and 24 July). Unlike the previous stages, in the final the participants weren’t judged by the commission but by the audience via the Internet.
The Pishtolskis received the higher number of votes in the three-day online evaluation and they won the award – a weekend at Disneyland.

The Pishtolskis from Blagoevgrad was represented by mother Milena and her two 17-year-old sons. Milena Pishtolska is a folk singer, soloist in the Pirin ensemble, and her sons study in a music class. The father has graduated in Choreography and played percussion instruments but due to a health problem, he didn’t take part in Singing Families.

In the final of Singing Families held on 24 July 2014, the Pishtolskis performed a mix of two popular folk songs.