Tour 2007 – We Will Go On rocked the entire country

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August 2007

Tour 2007 – We Will Go On was carried out by over 200 staff members who toured the country and ignited the passions of Slavi and Ku-Ku Band’s fans. The tour started on August 1 in Vratsa, followed by the cities of Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Sofia and Blagoevgrad.

The impressive stage was with an area of 316 square meters. The organizers used special flooring which allowed viewers to take their seats on the grass, and be even closer to their favourite musicians. The special sound equipment built on four towers provided crystal clear sound in the most remote places in the stadiums. The huge video walls on the stage and the special pyrotechnics helped the grand effect, along with the fiery fiesta made possible by 640 kilograms of fireworks for each concert.

The logistics of the tour included six trucks of props, makeup, special flooring for the grass, musical instruments, fences and pyrotechnics. Four trucks were needed to fit the stage, lighting, all the sound equipment with video wall panels. The team travelled with two buses and 10 vans. Along came two self-powered generators, each 100,000 watts of power that were in addition to the available electric power at the stadiums.

The main characters of the tour were Slavi and the Ku-Ku Band musicians, formation Ethnica, the lovely ballerinas from Magadance, finalists of Music Idol and Dance with Me competitions. A highlight in the program was Dance of the praying mantis in the style of electro boogie of Metin Enimehmedov who appeared on stage with his brand new Ferrari, which he won on Dance with Me. Special guests on the tour were the powerful voice of Sofi Marinova and rapper Ustata. Each time the audience gasped at the appearance of their favourite actors on the show Krasi Radkov and Victor Kalev.

The cloudy weather followed the caravan of the tour during the travel around the country. Because of it raincoats in Vratsa ran out and in Ruse the concert was postponed by one day. Interest in the concert was great and every time before the concert fans began to gather outside the stadium as early as 4:00 p.m. In Stara Zagora the hotel where Slavi and Ku-Ku Band were staying was constantly besieged for autographs. In Plovdiv, the team didn’t have an easy escape from the stadium because the buses were stuck for an hour among the line of leaving cars.

Each concert ended with an hour and half encore, fans relentlessly shouting “More!” Tour 2007 – We Will Go On achieved great success with an average attendance between 20 and 30 000 viewers at a concert.