My Big TV Wedding

14.2.2009 | comments

My Big TV Wedding is a competition within the show for couples who are not married but wish to get married. Couples of all ages faced a series of challenges revealing sides of their character, the extent to which they know each other and their relationship.
Twelve pairs competed in My Big TV Wedding. Tasks included: a wedding dance, a gift for the mother-in-law, Pret-a-porter, a quiz show, practicing an unusual profession for earning a living and others.
The grand prize in the competition was a wedding banquet for 100 guests and all associated accessories for making it happen. The winning pair Stanyo and Asya was selected after a jury vote and ballot voting by the whole team of “Slavi’s Show”. Asya and Stanyo’s wedding celebration took place soon after the end of the project on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2009.