Beauty and the Geek

5.2.2012 | comments

Beauty and the Geek is a show modeled on Beauty and the Geek, broadcast on The CW Network. Producers of the show Beauty and the Geek are Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg and Nick Santoro. Beauty and the Geek was made in Bulgaria under license from 20th Century Fox. It aired October 3, 2005 on bTV and continued for one season.

The show is a kind of social experiment which contrasts two completely opposite stereotypes. The idea is to bring together and showcase the most beautiful women and smartest men in Bulgaria and to show with positive messages the change which occurred in the participants.

10 beauties and 10 smart young men subjected the maxim to the test – can a man and woman who have nothing in common learn from each other and work as a team.

The show was filmed with 20 cameras simultaneously and was recorded in real time. The team responsible for it consisted of over 100 people.

Winners of Beauty and the Geek became Siana Chalakova and Alexander Hadjimitov. They left the race with two jeeps, four trips to the Caribbean and 60 000 leva.