Dance With Me – 2

8.2.2008 | comments

Dance With Me – 2 was the second season of the dance contest within the show.
The finalists faced many challenges in which they had to dance in very different styles. At the finals they presented a dance of their choice. The winner was determined by jury and viewers’ vote. On February 8, 2008 Petya Hlebarova won Dance With Me – 2. Only 17 years old, a student at the sports school in Burgas she took the big prize. She won a luxury yacht Chaparral SSI 215, received 20 000 leva for pocket money and a trip around the world for 44 days.
Dance With Me – 2 had a Small Finale too which took place a day earlier. Boriana Ivanova from Sofia won a brand new Russian car LADA 2107. The car’s mileage showed zero kilometers and after its release from the factory it had gone through serious tuning – alloy wheels, spoilers and side mirrors with integrated indicator lights as Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Finalists from both finals received awards.