Smart And Beautiful

16.1.2012 | comments

Valeria Tsymbal drove off with a brand new Suzuki Grand Vitara filled with 353 books

Charming Ukrainian Valeria Tsymbal overcame many trials before driving off with the luxury vehicle – the prize for the winner of the project “Smart and Beautiful”. She won the grand prize on January, 16, 2012, in a show broadcast live. Valeria shared she didn’t expect such great support from the Bulgarian viewers who decreed her victory with their participation in the voting. The surprise of the girl was reasonable considering the fact that she recently started living in Bulgaria. Defining for the victory was obviously the sincerity in her behavior that the host also noted.
The road to victory for Valeria began in late October 2011, when “Smart and Beautiful” started. A total of 4573 women signed up but a special team selected 180 who took part in the casting. Committee members Slavi Trifonov, Ivaylo Valchev, Filip Stanev and Toshko Yordanov found out that till that moment they hadn’t known the Bulgarian woman at all. In front of them appeared both young girls and women over fifty. There were ladies – citizens of the world, housewives, women with serious jobs, young multilingual women holding several degrees, as well as ambitious students. There were also candidates who arrived from abroad only to demonstrate their beauty and mental abilities. The committee was faced with exceptionally difficult choices. Ultimately, only 20 representatives of the fair sex went ahead in the final competition in front of viewers and the jury.

In the different stages of the competition the jury who had the final word consisted of the members: Antonia Petrova, Veneta Harizanova and Ivo Siromahov.
Specially selected tasks included: job interview, writing a break-up letter, dancing, going on a first date with a celebrity; participation in a fashion show, demonstration of knowledge in a quiz, showing resourcefulness where contestants had to harness knowledge, intuition, mental stability, resilience, and resourcefulness while travelling through different parts of the country. At the end in the studio finalists had to face each other in a debate where they had to defend both a serious and a fun topic. Thanks to this the audience found out what the beautiful contestants think about:
– “for and against euthanasia” and “pros and cons of hair removal for men”;
– “for and against smoking in public places” and “pros and cons of sex on a first date”;
– “for or against the death penalty” and “pros and cons of cosmetic surgery”;
– “for and against marriage” and “pros and cons of porn”.