Fame Academy

27.6.2008 | comments

Fame Academy is a competition for people with interesting and unusual talents held within “Slavi’s Show”. Fame Academy admitted 20 contestants to the finals.
Among the tricks presented by the finalists were: a dance with fingers, breaking of blocks made of concrete by hand, dance yoga, imitation of sounds, a python show, a knife throwing act, writing on rice grains, a Japanese sword demonstration, and others.
At the finals on June 27, 2008 six-year old Viara Raycheva won Fame Academy after the viewers also evaluated the finalists’ performances.
During each appearance on the stage Viara stunned the audience with her incredible knowledge. She proved that she knew the capital cities of all countries in the world, while able to name the form of government in each of them. Viara Raycheva received an award of 50,000 leva (€ 25,000).