Make Slavi Laugh

4.1.2013 | comments

Dozens of contestants competed in the “Make Slavi Laugh” project for three months. There was no age limit and restriction on the genre, and in addition more than one person could participate in each act. The only thing that counted was that the performance would bring a smile to the host of the show. A first successful attempt was awarded 500 Leva and each contestant decided whether to risk the amount and try to make Slavi laugh for the second time. Risking and failing led to a loss of the first amount, and a success – to an additional 1,500 Leva as well as the chance to participate in the final competition.

Eighteen people were admitted to the finals which were presented in three consecutive days. After that the right to vote was provided to the audience.

Eight-year old Dimitar Andreev from Sofia was the winner of the “Make Slavi Laugh” contest. He won the grand prize – a brand new terrain truck Great Wall Steed 5, 4 × 4 from Litex Motors and a young lamb provided with the assistance of the National Sheep Association.

Mr. Andreev, as Slavi Trifonov called him, received recognition for his comedy talent by winning the highest number of viewers’ votes during the four-day online voting. He received 26.46% of the audience’s vote. In the different stages of performance Dimitar Andreev relied on interesting stories told with appropriate intonation, pauses and emphasis in the right places.

Due to his young age Dimitar could not receive the award personally but the key to the truck was given to his mother. “You will tell her when you want her to drive you to school,” advised Slavi. Dimitar does not know yet how to name the lamb which he won, but whatever his decision is – we extend our congratulations to him for the award!