I sing in Ku-Ku Band

3.2.2012 | comments

I sing in Ku-Ku Band is the first TV contest held in “Slavi’s Show” in 2004. The goal of the project was to select a lead vocalist and the competition took place in front of the audience.
After a preliminary casting 12 participants ran in the race for the vacancy in Ku-Ku Band. They all participated in various musical challenges and they had to sing songs of different styles and even in different languages. Lora Vladova, Neli Petkova, Lyubena Ninova, Boris Soltariyski, Svetozar Hristov and Vladimir Dimov reached the finals.
Slavi’s final concert surprised viewers and contestants as he selected not one but two winners – Neli Petkova and Boris Soltariyski who both joined Ku-Ku Band.