Magadance the Challenge

23.5.2013 | comments

Winners in ‘Magadance the Challenge’ were Bilyana and Metin

2124 people signed up to participate in the dancing project ‘Magadance the Challenge’. 300 of them were called for a preliminary casting, and out of the 38 selected performances, the girls from Magadance Ballet chose 11 dancers. Competing couples were formed randomly.

The couples passed through 11 rounds and were assessed by a jury whose members were: Krasimir Evtimov, two-time republican champion in dancesport for seniors and an international dancesport judge, Boryana Sechanova, author and choreographer of over 40 dance performances and Director of Arabesque Ballet Company, and Petur Iliev – choreographer of Ballet Chicago and PNB Seattle, who came from the USA especially to take part in the show. Competition tasks included dancing to songs of Beyonce, Lili Ivanova, Goran Bregović, Michael Jackson, cartoon music, Latin dances, erotic dances, standard dances, samba, rumba and cha-cha, as well as dances typical of different nations around the world.

In a live finale on 23rd May 2013, 5 dancing couples danced in two rounds – a dance to the accompaniment of a ‘Ku-Ku Band’ song and a dance of choice. Viewers also participated in the ranking. Winners in ‘Magadance the Challenge’ were Bilyana and Metin. In accordance with the rules, they received a prize of 25 000 BGN. You can see the final dance of the winning couple here.