Race to Victory

26.6.2009 | comments

Race to Victory is a project within the show which was attended by 12 couples with a different relationship between each other – relatives, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend. They traveled to various destinations and overcame many challenges testing their knowledge, flexibility, speed, agility, strength, orientation, ability for teamwork and general knowledge. The contest of Race to Victory took place in the spring of 2009.
Long treks without a break, bad weather and the weight of their own luggage were just some of the difficulties the finalists had to cope with. Couples who were last to reach a destination were gradually eliminated from the race.
Cousins ​​Marina and Christo won Race to Victory. Their prize was a 14th day trip of their choice to any point in the world with air tickets, hotel vouchers, and pocket money. Both winners chose to travel to distant Australia.