Bulgarian Christmas

25.12.2011 | comments

Bulgarian Christmas is a charity initiative under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Its goal is to raise funds for Bulgarian children through SMS, telephone calls or personal donations by bank transfer.

For the first time the initiative Bulgarian Christmas was held in 2003. Organizers are the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, bTV and Slavi’s Show. A team from Slavi’s Show participated in the organization and making of the final concert of Bulgarian Christmas both in 2010 and 2011.

The initiative is dedicated entirely to charity and funds collected are allocated for the purchase of medical equipment, ambulances and medicines. Bulgarian Christmas helps children with various levels of disabilities and illnesses. They are defined by the Bulgarian Paediatric Association, the Association of Neonatology, Department of Health and the organizers.

Each year Bulgarian Christmas starts on December 1, culminating on Christmas Day (December 25) with the organization of a charity concert. Famous Bulgarian show business personalities, actors, musicians and athletes participate.

In 2003 Bulgarian Christmas helped 27 sick children and two pediatric clinics. The amount of money raised reached 1,334,953 leva.

In 2010 the initiative raised the amount of 1,534,756 leva which helped over 300 children, medical equipment worth 944,322 leva was purchased and donated.

In 2011 Bulgarian Christmas raised 1,238,332 leva. The final concert was held on December 25, live at the National Theatre Ivan Vazov. Over 100 singers and musicians took part in the concert.