Indira Radic, October 10, 2012

10.10.2012 | comments

Slavi was faced with a real challenge during the visit of Serbian singer Indira Radic. The provocative clothing and behavior of the guest was adorned with at least seven kisses, repeated sitting on the desk of the host and a gentle blues dance to the sounds of the old city song “Minaha Godini” (Years have Passed). In the end the host desperately asked for a heart pill, but Ivan Stoyanov offered him just heartburn remedy. The Serbian folk singer complained to Slavi that in spite of the fact that everyone stares in her cleavage, she does not have a husband: “I decided this year to get married and find a man in Bulgaria.”

The news generated from the visit was that Indira Radic herself offered Slavi that they sing together – “I decided to make my next duet with you.” The condition Indira put to Slavi was that he lose 10 kilograms and wear a rocker’s wig. “And don’t wear the blanket – it’s for old people” – she added, referring to the host’s suit. According to her a modern man shouldn’t wear a suit (Serbian word for suit “odelo” sounds in Bulgarian as “a blanket”) but jeans and a shirt without a tie. The guest went further by throwing away Slavi’s tie and a giving him a new styling look of “a cool man” – with a raised collar and glasses on the head. “Your earrings look well, but we need to put on a ring as well” – she recommended.

Indira presented two songs: Zodiac and Pusti me