Bobby Martin: I wave to the man passing in the wagon, sample the mayor’s brandy

11.10.2012 | comments

Around two million people from over 25 countries listen to the radio show which is broadcast from the village of Dolna Kremena near Mezdra. The man behind it is one of the founders of the popular UK music radio BBC Radio 1 – Bobby Martin. He was Slavi Trifonov’s special guest.

At the beginning of the conversation the host revealed that Bobby Martin is one of the prototypes for the characters in the movie “The Boat that Rocked”. The film tells the true story of the guest and a few others who in the ‘60s made a pirate radio on a ship which was situated just outside the maritime borders of Britain. Their radio broadcast only rock music 24 hours, which at that time wasn’t allowed easily to the radio stations in the UK. “60 years ago, people had come out of a world war and were becoming more free, letting their hair long. They didn’t like this,” – went back in time Bobby Martin. “At the same time transistors came out and everyone was listening to our new music on the radio – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart,” shared the rebel rocker.

Bobby Martin came to live in Bulgaria after his daughter fell in love with our country on one trip. “I found the most beautiful place in the world,” recalled the words of his daughter Bobby Martin. At that time she was head of a radio in Spain, for which Bobby worked. “She told me,” “I resign, we are going to live in Bulgaria” – explained the radio presenter how they actually ended up in Lower Kremena.

Now every weekday at ten in the morning local time Bobby Martin broadcasts from the village of Dolna Kremena his three-hour show “Bobby’s Breakfast” on the Global Trust channel. The Program is heard in over 25 countries and has a two million audience. “I have several discs – you can play them without any problem,” the host Slavi Trifonov told Bobby Martin. “You’re a legend,” the radio DJ said to Slavi.

Bobby Martin shared more about his life in Bulgaria. He is delighted that he can admire the mountains towards Sofia and Vratsa from Dolna Kremena. “I walk in the garden, wave to the man passing in the “karutsa” (wagon), sample the mayor’s brandy,” Bobby Martin talked more about village life. In Bulgaria his daughter adopted two girls and now he is happy with his two granddaughters. Bobby Martin revealed that because of them he came to the show wearing red shoes. At the end the eccentric guest thanked his wife for the wonderful support over the years