Yiorgos Mazonakis, December 11, 2012

11.12.2012 | comments

Yiorgos Mazonakis (Giorgos Mazonakis) was born and grew up in the suburbs of Athens, in the area called Nikaia. Before even reaching adulthood he showed clear preference to Greek folk songs and artists such as Stratos Dionysiou, Yannis Parios, Marinella, Charoula Alexiou, without ignoring the music currents such as rock which was particularly popular at that time.

By the age of 15 it was clear to him that his goal was to become a professional singer. His debut appearance was in a night club of Patras, where from the record company “Universal” discovered him. At the same time Yiorgos started touring in Greece Cyprus, Germany, Australia well as various states of America such as New York, New-Jersey, Atlanitc City and Chicago.

Mazonakis throughout the 16 years of his discography and throughout the years of his live performances where he stood either alone or he collaborated with popular artists he experienced profound success. He put himself in a continuously changing and evolving process concerning his personal style and his repertoire choices.