Wes Sims, June 08, 2012

8.6.2012 | comments

MMA fighter Wes Sims received an extremely hospitable and warm welcome from Slavi Trifonov: “Thank you for being here and you can do whatever you want”. This graciousness was due to the impressive appearance of the American who will face the Bulgarian Lubo Simeonov in a free fight on June 16th.
“I used to play basketball and I wanted to become a professional wrestler. But with my coach Mark Coleman we found out that I am very good at fighting and I started training that”. The tattoos on both his hands are in Japanese and they mean “honor” and “pride”. Currently the fighter is preparing for his match with Lubo Simeonov and promises to get even for the loss of his countryman Gary Goodridge.
To find out how Wes Sims joked with actor John Travolta, what underwear he showed that he was wearing under his clothes, and what is his phone number – see the video of the show.