Wayne Collins, October 03, 2012

3.10.2012 | comments

One of the legends of the bartender’s art Wayne Collins was a guest on “Slavi’s Show” and contributed to an enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere in the studio making Slavi and Ku-Ku Band two classic whiskey cocktails. The mixologist proved that it is not by chance that he is named by New York Times “A British Cocktail King”. He is in Bulgaria to support Whiskey Fest, hosted in Sofia. Wayne Collins will hold several workshops and trainings for Bulgarian bartenders on making cocktails, and the history and evolution of the drinks.

Collins described his profession as great “you travel around the world, it is associated with a lot of communication with people in different countries and it is entertaining. It is an old and noble profession. It always survives because when times are tough everybody needs a drink.” The guest added that in the 19th century bartenders were valued as statesmen. Several years ago Wayne Collins was brought as a bartender to Madonna at the party to celebrate the birthday of the Queen of Pop.

Two classic whiskey cocktails that Collins prepared in the studio were unique not only because of the “balance of key ingredients” that Godji and Evgeni Yotov from Ku-Ku Band genuinely approved, but also as they were stirred for the first time in the belly dance rhythm. The first drink Manhattan which started in 1870 in New York included roots, herbs and spices and rosso vermouth from Italy. The second cocktail, a classic “Whiskey Sour” was stirred personally by Slavi in a shaker contained egg white with lemon juice, sugar syrup to sweeten, Orange Bitters and mint leaves.

Ku-Ku Band saxophone player Evgeni Yotov was fascinated by the drinks and promised to see the visit of Wayne Collins on the show once again – with a notebook in hand.