Voca People, April 10, 2012

10.4.2012 | comments

The worldwide famous musical formation Voca People was a special guest on “Slavi’s Show”. Voca People are popular as “the aliens with golden voices.” Their “interpreter” explained to the host that the eight people dressed in white come from the planet Voca which is behind the Sun. Slavi Trifonov even got a gift – a white stone from the planet Voca and learned that Voca People are on earth in search of fuel for their ship, which is music.

The audience of “Slavi’s Show” had the privilege to hear and see the unique vocal-theatric performances of the “aliens”. Their first performance included world hits – their interpretation of the history of music, and the second – popular tunes from movie titles. Viewers of the show saw Voca People combine virtuoso a cappella performances with beatbox techniques and recreate the sounds of a whole orchestra with brass section, guitars, percussion instruments only with their voices.

Between the two performances the “aliens” were circling around the studio and briefly taking Iliya Iliev’s clarinet, Evgeni Yotov’s saxophone and a huge flower pot from the set. “You, on your planet, do you steal?” – Slavi started yelling. The attention of Voca People was quickly taken by the bald head of the host too. They even wanted to touch it to be able to hear the music in Slavi’s head. It turned out that the music in Slavi Trifonov’s head is Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. The host even met the right woman among the Voca People musicians, and the fact that she is from another planet did not bother him to take her hand.