The show celebrates “12 years” with 12 trips and … television sets

27.11.2012 | comments

Twelve trips to twelve beautiful European cities was Slavi Trifonov’s gift to the audience which was in the studio for the 12th birthday of “Slavi’s Show”. Twelve lucky people from the audience in the company of a loved one have the chance to go to Paris, Vienna, Athens, Amsterdam, Valletta, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Zurich, Frankfurt, Rome and London. They will travel by plane and stay at the best hotels. Slavi also continued the tradition from previous birthdays and gave each member of the audience in the studio a TV set.

It is interesting to note that the holiday show was recorded on an earlier date which was kept secret. So it was a lovely surprise for those who came to see the show as every night, regular viewers and loyal fans.

For the 12 successful years of the show Slavi shared: “It is not possible in Bulgaria to have a talk show which only follows the talk show traditions as in America. It’s a small area and a small group of people with whom we work, and whom we can invite as guests. A talk show in a big country offers many options – someone is always doing something.” The host gave the example of actor Mel Gibson, about whom something interesting is going on all the time, “Many things are happening around Mel Gibson. All this is in the public domain and concerns him. What is happening to him is of interest – with a film, with his wife, child … , so you can invite Mel Gibson many times.” According to Slavi behind the success of every show there are two things: a good team and plenty of experience.

Slavi Trifonov used the birthday show to thank the people who are most important to the existence of the program and its more than 2,700 times on air: “I have to thank most of all the Slavi Show team. I want to thank my colleagues without which I would be nothing. Secondly, I want to thank bTV and the whole bTV team – managers, crews, operators, directors who played a huge role and an essential function so that we could be able to make the show for 12 years. And third, but not least, equally important is our audience – our viewers, who are the main reason for us to make this TV show.”