The performers in the Tour`2009 will change 500 suits

24.7.2009 | comments

23 July 2009

No doubt that there will be spectacular pyrotechnics in The Tour`2009. They will overwhelm the whole stadium when the concert starts.

The imposing stage will cover 300 square meters and the two of its additional branches will be situated toward the spectators. 6 dressing rooms will be placed behind at the disposal of the performers who should change 500 suits during the concert. A 120 KW sound system is available for the event. The special sound equipment towering in four places will provide the sound to every corner on the stadium. Huge video walls will be situated on the stage and will broadcast what is going on the scene and amongst the spectators.

The moving process of the equipment and the crew are assured by the prodigious convoy consisting of 7 TIRs, 9 trucks, 2 busses, 10 mini busses and 20 cars. 250 people will take part into the realization of the amazing project “NO MERCY”. The stunning tour is starting on 1st August 2009 in the town of Vratsa and it will end on the 22nd August 2009 in the town of Petrich. The tickets are up for sale.

Besides Slavi and Ku-ku band there will be many other people on the scene: the actors Krasimir Radkov, Marian Bachev and Victor Kalev; ballet “Magadance”, ensemble for folk dances “Etnika”, Latin troupe “Pambos dancing center”; the brass of Berkovitsa and with the special participation of the singers Miro and Emanuela.