Slavi with a movie role proposal from the director of “Company of Heroes”

22.3.2012 | comments

Vinnie Jones

The actor Vinnie Jones and director Don Michael Paul visited “Slavi’s Show” hours after they finished shooting the action movie “Company of Heroes”. The movie is based on a computer game and tells a story about a group of soldiers who get caught up in Nazi Germany with a secret mission – to bring a scientist and his daughter outside the country. The director shared that Vinnie kills a great amount of Nazis in this movie.

“We’ve been working 14 hour days. We wrapped our last shot today, jumped in the car and rushed to get here in time for the show, we didn’t want to let you down” explained Vinnie Jones. For his recent stay in Bulgaria he added with satisfaction – “There are many bars and clubs that weren’t here the last time.”

About his absolute record for the fastest yellow card received – 3 seconds after entering the game Jones sceptically said: “3 seconds? I think it was faster…” The actor shared that he moved to Los Angeles so he can get roles easily and he relaxes by playing golf. Jones revealed he expects to learn details about an upcoming movie where he will partner with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

In the course of the conversation the host Slavi Trifonov received an attractive proposal by Don Michael Paul to participate in his next film “Rhythm of the Heart” which turned out be a dance movie. Slavi’s role would be to dance surrounded by beautiful girls and tell one of them “Make my day”. The host immediately tried to bring a change in the script with an idea while dancing just like that to kill someone. One could say that at first reading it wasn’t accepted by the director, who jokingly said: “Slavi, why are you so obsessed with shooting? You have issues.”