Slavi and Ku-Ku Band touch thousands of Bulgarians in the U.S. and Canada with American Tour 2010

7.10.2010 | comments

Slavi and Ku-Ku Band gave 9 concerts to fellow Bulgarians in the U.S. and Canada from September 23rd to October 6th, 2010. American Tour 2010 took place in response to numerous requests from the Bulgarian diaspora overseas.

Exciting concerts took place in halls which held several thousand people. One of the most famous concert halls on the U.S. East Coast – John Hancock Hall, accommodated our musicians and artists in Boston; in New York they had two concerts in the Big Hall of “Manhattan Center” – The Hammerstein. Other cities in which Bulgarian emigrants enjoyed the music of Slavi, Ku-Ku Band, the actors and ballet Magadance were Chicago (two shows), Los Angeles and in two cities in Canada – Montreal (also two shows) and Toronto.

There was an unprecedented interest and overpowering emotions during all the concerts. Evgeni Dimitrov shared that the audience was standing throughout the whole time and ushers in the crowded halls were completely powerless to make viewers sit back in their seats. The audience was also taking part in Bulgarian national dances, continued Evgeni Dimitrov.

No less emotional were the after-parties too, where until late into the night the team of the show was still signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

“The halls were packed, the Bulgarians were very happy,” shared Slavi Trifonov. Each American Tour 2010 concert lasted three hours, which were exceptionally emotional, exciting, and not without tears, he said.

“The tour was extremely difficult to set up,” said Slavi Trifonov and thanked all those who helped make it happen. Slavi added that American Tour 2010 was worth the experience both from a personal and professional standpoint.