Shaun Murphy, July 26, 2007

26.7.2007 | comments

Shaun Murphy presented Slavi and Godji with honorary membership cards to “Snooker” Club – Bulgaria. In return Slavi’s gesture was to present his own cue as a gift to Shaun. The cue is made on order in the United States and has “Slavi Trifonov” written on it. Shaun liked the cue and promised to play with it. Shaun’s own cue is 90 years old. When he was 15 years old he saw it at a garage sale of a friend of his and he has been playing with it ever since.

Shaun took the path to stardom 16 years ago. When he was 8 years old he wanted to have a computer and his dream was to become a pilot. However, his mother gave him a small snooker table for a gift and that’s how everything got started. Today in order to stay in shape Shaun practices six hours a day, five days a week.

Each player has their own tricks which they need in order to concentrate. Shaun’s trick is to nibble on chocolate biscuits. This is why after he agreed to play with Slavi the show’s assistant Vankata brought in biscuits and orange juice for the guest, and two girls helped Slavi’s concentration with a massage. During the game the two contestants challenged each other – when Shaun was successful Slavi would say that it was simply due to good luck. When Slavi would miss Shaun would ask him if that’s not the “disappearing ball” shot. At the end Slavi admitted to the world champion that he let him win out of hospitality and Shaun accepted the explanation gratefully.

Shaun Murphy shared that he has bought an apartment at the Black Sea which he will use when on vacation. After Slavi found that out he in turn said he will do everything possible so that the two of them become neighbors and can continue to test their strength in the game.