Richard Kern: Women in Bulgaria are very beautiful

9.7.2012 | comments

World famous photographer Richard Kern appeared on Slavi’s Show. The representative of New York ’80s underground art is in Sofia for an exhibition of portraits of international celebrities and cult erotic photographs. The guest explained to Slavi Trifonov that usually the photos he presents in galleries around the world are of celebrities photographed naked. In Bulgaria, however, the exhibition will not be as scandalous – the photographer will show “pictures with clothes” of Nick Nolte, Eva Green, Courtney Love. Viewers of the Slavi Show saw one of Richard Kern’s infamous photographs – the one with Marilyn Manson. “What I shoot may be scandalous, but I myself am not controversial, I am very normal,” said the photographer.

The host Slavi Trifonov gave Richard Kern several professional challenges. First, Slavi offered to pose … nude and then gave an idea to ​​the photographer to take photos of the Prime-Minister Boyko Borissov. Finally, the host shared he would be happy if Richard Kern would do a photo shoot of Ballet “Magadans”. In his turn the guest expressed the view that Bulgarian women are very beautiful. Last summer he photographed girls from different countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia for a TV show. “The episode with the Bulgarian girls turned out to be the most popular of all the series,” said Richard Kern, and admitted that the beautiful women in our country made him come back to Bulgaria.