Pantera Blacksmith promotes pole dance in Bulgaria

17.9.2012 | comments

Pantera Blacksmith demonstrated acrobatic skills of the highest degree in a breathtaking dance on the pole. The truth hiding behind this stunning performance is that in fact this dance also known as pole fitness is a new sport that is trying to break through the barrier of the International Olympic Committee and receive an acknowledgment as an Olympic sport.

Vertical gymnastics as Pantera Blacksmith calls it in recent years has gained popularity in the West where currently in a growing number of gyms ladies and even gentlemen can be seen sculpting muscles on a pole. It became clear during the conversation that this activity traditionally perceived as an erotic one is now expanding in other areas. A lot of muscles are exercised; it’s a workout for the whole body, said the guest and proved her claim with a dance on the vertical in the studio.

Pantera Blacksmith is in Bulgaria to promote this relatively new and very attractive sport.