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(Noise Of Human Art)

“After ,Noise Of Human Art‘ (1997), ,No Slack‘ (2001) and ,Next Plateau‘ (2003), Comes
“DIVE IN YOUR LIFE” N.O.H.A.’s 4th album – and culmination of 10 years of experience.

With their debut album N.O.H.A. already established themselves as pop-avantgarde of the
European music scene, especially in fusing classic songwriting and club sound. Previous
sold records have reached ( 1#, 4#, 10#, 19#) in the german club charts, including
countless club and festival gigs that show, how successful and flexible N.O.H.A. are at
working live and in the studio.

Freed from former obligations, these highly motivated musicians have created an album full of club compatible, atmospheric songs. No doubt about it, N.O.H.A. are setting course for the next level.

On “DIVE IN YOUR LIFE” , the band is developing its own vision: The noise of human art, a living breathing mixture of breakbeats, drum & bass, electric jazz, pop and 100% club
grooves. The conglomerate sounds in 2007 are even racier, more experimental and more
on the pulse of the times than ever before.

N.O.H.A. remain cosmopolitans. Minerva Diaz Perez – the new singer is from Gijon, Spain. Her expressive vocals with a erotic undercurrent, create incomparable depth and
atmosphere on the live performance. Minervas voice is the perfect contrast and
complement for New York rapper Chevy’s energetic, charismatic MC performance.
Prague born sax-player Philip Noha and native German Jochen Eickenberg on keys, are
the producers of the international collective and create the creative pool of this band. For
their live shows Tim Rashid (bass) and Tobias Belker (drums) join the line-up for a powerful live-band-experience.

When it comes to performance, N.O.H.A. stands out as a band that really knows how to
bring their complex sound on the stage, shifting and reshaping the border of club-scene
and live performance. N.O.H.A. have already proven in various gigs with the likes of,
Armand van Helden, Goldie, J. Majik, Malachi/Herbalizer or Andy Smith/Portishead that
they can match the dynamics of any DJ set with their live show… beat for beat.


1997 N.O.H.A. “Noise Of Human Art” (Motor Music)
2001 N.O.H.A. “No Slack” (WEA)
2003 N.O.H.A. “Next Plateau” (Unique)
2007 N.O.H.A. “Dive in your life” (Unique)