Mark Selby and Slavi Trifonov cross cues in a competitive game of snooker

15.11.2012 | comments

One of the greatest snooker players in the world Mark Selby was a guest on “Slavi’s Show”. The Jester from of Leicester is in Bulgaria for the first time for the PTC Victoria Bulgarian Open tournament. On the show he played a warm-up match with the host Slavi Trifonov who is a dedicated fan of billiards and snooker.

A professional snooker table was prepared for the game between the two. As host and big fan of the game Slavi made Mark a present – his own cue. The gesture was appreciated and after the shots Mark the Shark said that when he gets used to the new cue he will use in it official competitions as well. The snooker game between Mark Selby and Slavi Trifonov, who introduced himself as the Recluse from Pleven, became very exciting after the host called Ivan Stoyanov to be his assistant to help the balls go inside the pockets. Clearly respectful of the opponent the guitarist did not dare to manipulate the game, but would helpfully remind Slavi: “Did you put chalk on your stick?”

It became clear for the viewers that snooker is a serious sport that requires a lot of concentration, self-discipline and self-control. Indeed this is the reason why it is mandatory to observe silence in a snooker tournament. On a little more cheerful note the guest and host explained that for a good game it is important to feel stable on comfortable shoes. To the intriguing question which Slavi asked his guest – what do you do if you feel like sneezing and you spit on the table – he got a relatively reassuring answer: “It’s not too bad sneezing, it’s worse when it comes out on the other side.”