Lech Walesa

26.9.2002 | comments

Lech Walesa is the first democratically elected President of Poland / 1990-1995/ after the fall of Communism. In 1983 he was awarded a Peace Nobel Prize for his “contribution to the defense of freedom of organizing in all countries.” He is the first Pole that has ever received such an award in the name of getting closer of all nations.

Walesa started his political career as a leader of the independent trade union Solidarnost in Poland, a union that turned into a leading power in the resistance against the totalitarian system in the communist countries. In the period 1980 1981 the movement had more that 10 million members and was supported by the free world. Later on, it had immense contribution in the destroying of the world communist system. When they asked radio Erevan how many people you need to change the world, the radio answered: “Only one – Lech Walesa.”

Walesa came to Bulgaria at the special invitation of Slavi’s Show with the contribution of MTel. His interesting participation showed him as an honourable person who is convinced in his ideas, an image that was quite different from the clichйs of the communist propaganda of the 80ies that were wide spread in Bulgaria.

“…I have never thought to enter some books. I was raised as a simple man and this was what made me a revolutionary…When we speak about Bulgaria,, about Poland, I would like to say only one thing – the fact that we have survived is something unbelievable. If such a disaster had happened to countries like Japan, Germany or France they would not have handled it. But our people managed to survive. Therefore I do believe that we are an extraordinary generation that has changed the political scene.”

The former electrician form the Gdansk shipyard was a proof of the fact that the true Slav can both easily take to pieces a three-phase cable and the communist system. During his visit Walesa said: “We defeated communism, this is like giving every Pole 100 kilos of gold. I’m not to blame that they have let it fall upon their feet…” We could say that in 1989 the Bulgarians also received 100 kilos of gold each. But fourteen years later it turns out that in comparison to the Poles we have let it fall upon our heads…