Guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan likes Bulgarian music

8.6.2012 | comments

Guitar virtuoso Stanley Jordan who is four-time Grammy nominee appeared on the “Slavi Show” which began with the outstanding performance of the Beatles song “Yesterday”, followed by an offer by the host to buy Stanley Jordan’s guitar. The guest explained that the instrument is made by Patrice Vise in Paris and refused to sell it with a short reply: “sorry”.
The idea to play the guitar “with both hands independently” came to Stanley Jordan when playing the piano. The guitarist spent his first evening in Bulgaria at dinner with the group of Bistritsa Grannies. The musician said he was impressed by Bulgarian music: “It’s a very intriguing and creative kind of music that inspires me to do new and different things.” The virtuoso did not hesitate to join an improvised instrumental with Ku-Ku Band Jordanovden.