Francesca Lancini: I prefer impossible challenges

13.9.2012 | comments

Professional Italian model Francesca Lancini who became popular with her debut novel Without Heels was a guest on “Slavi’s Show”. Francesca shared that Sofia is a special town for her and explained that even the heroine of her novel – Sofia was conceived in a hotel in the Bulgarian capital.

Francesca continued her entire appearance on the show in a playful and humorous style: “I came without heels tonight because I know you do not like women without heels and I wanted to be sure that things will not work out.” When asked why as other beautiful women she has not found a rich man to take care of her but has decided to write books Francesca replied: “Because I prefer impossible challenges. For example – to show that a girl who has been a model for years could write a book as well.”

It turned out that the model has a boyfriend which she hopes to marry soon. Lancini modestly said that it’s not so important for her to have diamonds for the wedding but she prefers to receive houses for gifts. The second sounded like a reasonable investment.

The book which Slavi received as a gift was with a dedication “Allegro Andante” – a popular musical tempo, but Slavi said for sex he prefers “Largo” which means “slow.”