Dominic Purcell on tattoos, stories and movie characters

17.9.2012 | comments

Actor Dominic Purcell who plays bad boy Lincoln Burrows in the hit series Prison Break appeared on “Slavi’s Show”.

Dominic is in Bulgaria shooting the third part of the movie In the Name of the King. Also on the Slavi Show were director Uwe Boll and producer on the Bulgarian side – Tatiana Pedersen.

Straight from the beginning Dominic Purcell attracted the attention of the host Slavi Trifonov with his tattoos and the two started discussing each other’s tattoos. The point was reached that they agreed to mutually show them, but after seeing those of the host Dominic Purcell firmly refused to reveal any and restricted himself to the images, peering out from under the sleeves of his shirt.

Dominic Purcell showed curiosity as well about the missing socks of the host. As a result, he became the first guest to whom the secret was revealed – in fact Slavi Trifonov started the tradition under duress while having to lead the show on crutches. The resulting several very strong shows made him continue the “bare” habit for good luck on the show.

Slavi Trifonov did not hide his interest in Prison Break and shared with his guest Dominic Purcell that he watched all series from the first season in one go. “You were really good,” said Slavi enthusiastically. Dominic attributed the success of the series to the combination of story, actors and characters. The actor said the success was due a lot to lead actor in the series Wentworth Miller: “He was a new face on television and he became a sex idol. This greatly helped the show”. After that Dominic Purcell also shared his version of why he was cast in the series: “I’m big enough and ugly enough to play an inmate.”

Director Uwe Boll who turned out to be a former boxer and with a doctorate in literature told Slavi that said he puts his films into two categories. In one – movies that you make for the money and in the other – movies with a message, those that “you do for passion” and in which “you put all your energy”. According to him, “In the Name of the King” belongs to the first category of films, and in the second category a movie about the financial crisis “Bailout: Age of Greed”, in which the main role is once again entrusted to the artist by training Dominic Purcell.

Producer Tatiana Pedersen answered Slavi’s question whether it is true that Robert De Niro and John Travolta are expected to arrive soon in Bulgaria. According to her the big movie stars like our country. Dominic Purcell himself said he wanted to work in Bulgaria. “… also for the girls,” he noted, then complimented ballet “Magadans.” Slavi Trifonov did not look kindly on the compliment, but fulfilled Dominic’s wish to tell the history of Bulgaria in one minute.