Dennis Rodman, April 6, 2012

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Dennis Rodman: In Bulgaria people have passion

April 6, 2012

NBA legend Dennis Rodman was in an excellent mood during his Friday appearance on “Slavi’s Show”. After his marathon tour of nightclubs in Sofia the previous night and several appointments he missed, the controversial basketball player took the escalator down into the studio, and started telling the host jokes and provocations one after the other. Rodman said that he sometimes prefers attending gay clubs: “I’m not gay. I’m fine like this. However, I often go to gay clubs because they don’t bother me. It’s not like in other clubs where they want to take your photo and want autographs.”

Rodman mentioned with a smile two of his most popular relationships – with Madonna and Carmen Electra: “I didn’t leave Carmen. She left me because she caught me with two girls. I liked her, she was cool. Now we’re friends”. “Introduce me to her then. I’ve had a concert in Los Angeles, all of Los Angeles came to my concert” – the host was quick to offer himself, where Rodman asked: “What concert? Of exotic dances?” After his comment, however, Dennis showed strong interest and insisted Slavi sing one of his songs while Dennis himself took the seat of the host, after which he was even able to interview Slavi, clarifying some questions about Slavi’s songs and basketball career.

“Basketball in the United States has changed a lot, truly everything is done only for money, not for the pleasure of the game. Here in Bulgaria people have great passion like you – you are host of a show, but you can also sing, and you have played basketball too” – Rodman summed up his impressions.

The basketball player shared that his priorities in life are currently different and it’s not just basketball and women like it was during his years in the NBA. He said that today it’s more important for him to be safe and take care of his children: “People can’t believe I have children. And I have four …”