Bulgaria through the eyes of two Americans from the Peace Corps

8.10.2012 | comments

Amanda Haury and Seth Stewart from the Peace Corps were Slavi’s guests. The two adventurous Americans left their home states Indiana and Nebraska to turn up in the small picturesque Bulgarian towns of Karnobat and Razlog with the mission to help.

Amanda is a school psychologist in Karnobat and Seth teaches English in Razlog. While he enjoys the wonderful view of three mountains revealed from his terrace, Amanda has the advantage of being close to the sea. Nature has proven to be a great asset of our country in the eyes of the guests. This is especially true for Seth, depicting colorfully the disadvantages of his home Nebraska: “fields, corn and cows.”

“The people here are wonderful,” Amanda was impressed. She shared that she had a good impression of our country right from the beginning when she lived with a Bulgarian family. “It was like our own family,” said the American. She is set to leave our country, but she does not intend to return to her home U.S., preferring to continue to travel the world.

Peace Corps has been in Bulgaria for 22 years and on this occasion bTV will air a documentary on Sunday, October 7, 2012 from 12:30.