Army of Lovers

15.10.2001 | comments

Some of the first world-wide-known guests in Slavi’s Show. Their arrival was marked by a sexual revolution among the TV viewers and among the team of the show, as well. It turned out that the Army disturbed the sexual discipline of the Bulgarians, mainly because of the total confusion about who were the men and who were the women in the group. Besides, they weren’t sure about that themselves, either. On the other hand, right form the beginning it was totally clear, that Slavi Trifonov with his virile presence and shaven head had more in common with the Bulgarian army than with the “army of love”. Therefore the front man of the group / man by passport, but not by appearance / had to change Slavi’s sex, luckily not by surgery, but by putting on him a little bit of lipstick and a long-haired wig. At the end, it was clear for everybody that even the most virile guy like Slavi could turn into a cute molly with a strange voice, which the audience liked a lot. The opposite transition, namely to turn from an effeminate man into a macho has never happened, at least not in our show.